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I made up this game where they connect words with colors and they explain. Then I give them hundreds of color chips and we challenge them to put these colors together to create what I call 'color chords'—harmonious color chords. I show them examples of what works and what doesn't work." Publicolor's stated mission is to "teach at-risk students how to think critically about their future and prepare for college and career," using the powerful tool of a "multi-day, multi-year continuum of de- sign-based programs." The latter begin with Publicolor's gateway program, Paint Club, an innovative after-school program for under-performing inner-city schools in which participants transform their own institutional-looking schools and nearby community facilities by painting them with vibrant colors they have selected togeth- er: "As students transform their schools, they begin to transform themselves." The next level of Publicolor's pro- grams is COLOR Club, which stands for Community of Leaders Organiz- ing Revitalization, an apprenticeship for 75 motivated students which pro- vides a weekly menu of academic tu- toring, career exposure and life skills workshops, with Saturday painting proj- ects for which students earn stipends. "As students transform their schools, they begin to transform themselves." HYLAND

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