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and other major universities, as well as a number of Jesuit universities across the country. The school, which has existed on the Pine Ridge Reservation, the second largest in the United States, since 1888, places equal emphasis on Lakota and Catholic faith, ensuring the ongoing transmission of Lakota history, language and spirituality. The word "intertwine" is used to describe the connection between a Catholic, speci´Čücally Jesuit education and the sustaining of a positive Lakota identity: "Spiritual formation classes focus on both Catholic and Lakota spirituality, teaching that both are ways to God and the two are not mutually exclusive." A most interesting commentary on Lakota Studies is offered by Red Cloud '05 alumnus Maka Clifford, who went on to earn a Masters in Peace & Human Rights Education at Columbia University and now teaches Lakota Studies at Red Cloud High HYLAND

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