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One has to be open to improvisation. The session is a dance and you have to know when to lead and when to yield. The collaboration is exhilarating. 6. What makes a subject interesting for you? People assume that celebrities hold the most allure. As any professional knows, celebrity is a double-edged sword and carries a weight that can be treacherous or marvelous. I am fortunate that in nearly all cases, it has been the latter. As mentioned, it is the collaboration that I enjoy, and the quality of the collaboration is based on chemistry, improvisation, trust, instinct and intelligence. I have equally enjoyed sessions with children, corporate executives, artists and rock musicians. It is never not a challenge and never not fun. Leo Castelli 7. Do you get involved in branding? Very much so. I have been branding before the term was coined. And in this arena, the stakes are higher. Many artists and celebrity subjects return for second or third shoots with HYLAND

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