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I EDITORIAL founded HYLAND Magazine to celebrate, showcase, compliment and demonstrate to the world the vital role decorators, interior designers and architects play in the conception and implementation of built environments. From the time as a child I fashioned a newspaper to resemble Colonel Estes��� Salem Evening News and Ebenezer Weed���s Marblehead Messenger to the time I founded a one-issue magazine, Nous, and edited Foreign Correspondence at secondary schools to my editing in their entirety two nationally distributed magazines, Shelter (now Interiors) and Robb Report Luxury Home (now folded into Robb Report) I have always wanted to edit a magazine. I Report have always wanted to write for a magazine: I wrote fourteen articles for Robb Report, two for Shelter. In the early 1990s as Chairman of the first Presidential Transition Conference on Design, we discussed the revolution in technology that was to come: it is here now. I wish to be part of it and I wish to have decorators, interior designers and architects, their passions and achievements, be a part of this seminal communications revolution. It will be a long and arduous process of cognitive adjustment but as a vast cadre of design mavens experiences the beauty of design and architecture presented through the iPad���and its descendants to come���a dynamic, ongoing, practical and visually stunning medium will enthrall. In HYLAND, decorators, interior designers and architects are at the center���at the heart���of that story. Christopher Hyland

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