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HYLAND The dining room is pure France, pure Gentet, more Paris than Palm Beach: its boiserie painted old ivory and white, the bone- white table and chairs Louis XVI. It possesses a restrained pal- ette of palest yellows, blues and whites and patterns of oversized paisleys, revealing again Gentet's genius for coaxing forth new har- monies from time-honored forms and color schemes. Gentet en- livens otherwise stately furniture with colors and patterns that are assertive without being too bold for its time-honored contours. He is a master of two traditions sepa- rated by the Atlantic, here brought together in one of America's most sumptuous environs. H Lisa Zeiger Guillaume Gentet 139 Fulton St, New York NY 10038 +1 (212) 571-1040 Mark Roskams Photography +1 (646) 271-5377

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