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HYLAND Andy Warhol's iconic, $3 million silkscreen of a transvestite, Ladies and Gentlemen, appropriately dominates a wall in a sumptuous hotel restaurant. Close by, there are several provocative Bryan Ferry photographs, a video installation that evokes a myriad of intense emotions, and a startling, red-lettered tablet with sexually graphic language. Other stunning, museum-worthy pieces are sprinkled throughout Oslo's The Thief, the hippest, most opulent, over the top hotel in Scandinavia. Head chef Johan Laursen is too preoccupied to revel in these treasures. Constantly under pressure, whether it's catering to the likes of Bill Gates, Miley Cyrus, or finalizing the details of a celebrity wedding party, he must focus on heightening the sybaritic appeal of the 2 year-old Thief and its FRU-K restaurant. Yet on the eve of that glitzy wedding, this 31 year old culinary wunderkind has added reason to be anxious. He's awaiting a precious shipment, one that will remind him of his childhood, and also attest to his own art work. "My langoustines, veal with elderflower and almond potato are very important to me, but what must also be perfect are jordbaer, strawberries, those that are really sweet and the deepest red. Combine them with rhubarb, akevitt and vanilla, that's heaven!" insists Laursen, who perfected his magic as a sous chef at Oslo's two-starred Michelin restaurant Maaemo. "My mother and I used to pick them every weekend, so while I am always thinking of new concepts, I still rely on the past, tradition, getting to farms to see if the chickens and cows are the best. That's why this shipment, the season's first, is important. Sometimes art is all about simplicity." The surge of intoxicating flavors at FRU-K may be

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