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HYLAND E D I T O R I A L This special issue explores the 2014 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), which proves #YOLO, so go ahead and embrace what's new and insightful in the world of design. It also focuses on great designers and a plethora of informative articles on an enriched life, from radical sport to psychology. ICFF, under the aegis of GLM Senior Vice-President Kevin O'Keeffe and GLM Sales Manager Reed McMillan has been infused with new energy and verve. This year's exhibition was at moments dazzling, always informative, always affirming design's preeminence in the economy and in assuring quality of life. This issue of HYLAND celebrates the achievements of the Fair's participants, its organizers and acknowledges the importance of the tens of thousands of design professionals whose discerning interests affirm the ICFF's preeminence as a fulcrum for innovative design. Much expanded, ICFF 2014 reflects a burgeoning interest in contemporary design, given much of the last twenty years' fascination with 20th century modernism. Exhibitors from around the world, with a preponderance from America and Europe, presented furnishings of great quality, from lighting fixtures by glass designer Tracy Glover to ingenious, sculptural portable furniture by Folditure, both American companies. A plethora of Italian companies presented the finest display of ceramic tiles seen in years—my favorite by Ceramic Bartelli—or huge ceramic sheets resembling slabs of marble. Christopher Hyland Inc., the textile firm, exhibited for the first time,

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