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E D I T O R I A L IIt is unfair, no, highly immoral, contradictory and irrational, for individuals, corporations, non-profits or states to knowingly espouse, on the one hand, laws, regulations, restrictions, prohibitions or Draconian punishments against the freedoms of individuals in one jurisdiction, and reap vast profits from the same individuals exercising those freedoms in another jurisdiction. The recent situation at the Beverly Hills Hotel comes to mind, as do countless others, repeated in boardrooms and government offices and on a continual basis. In its divine design, the world is complex, from the realm of nature to the built environment, the latter of substantial interest to the editors and readers of HYLAND, our HYLAND family. Threats and cruelty to any part of God's creation is a threat to the whole. The flora and fauna of Nigeria, let alone its citizens, in tandem with the built world within its borders are of paramount importance. The plight of Nigeria's missing schoolgirls affects us all. The same holds true for analogous phenomena in America, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Jordan, Syria, Russia, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, China, Brazil or Guatemala: for every country. Those areas of the world where institutionalized cruelty persists against women or men, children, ethnic or religious minorities and lifestyles under the guise of religious or state law, diminish us all, most tragically, first and foremost, the perpetrators of these injustices. They fail to eradicate hatred in themselves sanctioned under whatever guise, thereby diminishing themselves. They repudiate the tenets of the United Nations against cruelty. They lose because HYLAND HYLAND HYLAND

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