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Founded in 1857, and in its current location since 1892, P.E. Guerin, Inc. has been around longer than 19 states, two World Wars, and more design trends than anyone can remember. is Greenwich Village firm is looking back through its archives at simpler times, as well as embracing modernity as it moves towards 160 years in business. Clockwise from top: No. 74350 Beaded Oval Door Knob in Bur- nished Nickel Antique; No. 74360 Colonial Door Knob in Satin Nick- el; No. 76580 Drum Door Knob in Burnished Nickel; No. 70082 Georgian Door Knob in Satin Nickel; No. 75630 Classic Round Ogee Knob in Antique Brass; Cen- ter: No. 75692 Knurled Door Knob in Polished Nickel Antique

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