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our President's decision that the right to entertain distin- guished guests was a privilege vested in her office; and I think the other members will agree that, as she was alone in this opinion, she ought to be alone in deciding on the best way of effacing its—its really deplorable con- sequences." A deep silence followed this outbreak of Mrs. Plinth's long-stored resentment. "I don't see why I should be expected to ask her to resign—" Mrs. Ballinger at length began; but Laura Glyde turned back to remind her: "You know she made you say that you'd got on swimmingly in Xingu." An ill-timed giggle escaped from Mrs. Leveret, and Mrs. Ballinger energetically continued "—but you needn't think for a moment that I'm afraid to!" The door of the drawing-room closed on the retreating backs of the Lunch Club, and the President of that distin- guished association, seating herself at her writing-table, and pushing away a copy of "The Wings of Death" to make room for her elbow, drew forth a sheet of the club's note-paper, on which she began to write: "My dear Mrs. Roby—" H The Library of America 14 East 60th St. New York, New York 10022 President: Cheryl Hurley Publisher: Max Rudin Editor in Chief: Geoffrey O' Brien Executive Assistant to the President: Karen Duda Coordinator of Fellows: Andrea Stillman HYLAND

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