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ot only do I love Arper's relaxed contemporary furniture designs, in beautiful tertiary colors—citrine, Roman red-brown, turquoise and a panoply of pinks and purples—I really love the first sentence of the 'About' section of its website: "Is an object as elemental as a chair or a table still subject to insight or innovation?" The notion that deep thought may attend and inform the mundane, in the positive sense of the word, i.e. whatever objects are of this earthly world, is an important one. To include tables and chairs beneath the penumbra of ideas is not new, and yet, even post-Bauhaus, it still seems radical. In my article on the exhibition 'Designing Modern Women 1890-1990' I mention Clarence Cook's 1878 treatise on decoration, the title of which is worth repeating here, for it dovetails nicely with Arper's manifesto: The House Beautiful: Essays on Beds and Tables, Stools and Candlesticks. A chair or couch in the hands and minds of Arper, with its polyglot battalion of designers—James N PIX Design by Ichiro Iwasak HYLAND HYLAND HYLAND

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