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E D I T O R I A L "God is in the details" goes the maxim Mies van der Rohe made famous. The architect may have been speaking of thoroughness; but as I quote this aphorism here, as it applies to an architectural scheme or interior, I mean the graceful incorporation of objects, artistic or personal, or both. The most consummate decorating scheme, executed by a gifted designer, is empty until we implant smaller items that mean something to us. It behooves us to set aside funds for the finishing details of a design scheme, which are often those we interact with the most. In advancing the decoration of a house, one must, ab initio, set aside funds for the important and/or personal icon, and such objects should, ideally, be selected by ourselves in tandem with our designers. Architects, designers and decorators who understand this concept enhance life more than Swiss clinics, provided the client- patron participates in the process. One of the benefits of the electronic era is the fount of information it presents about every detail one may muster. Using this resource informs, often opening to us the exhilarating world of objects. Encouraging your designer to visit antiques shops, galleries and flea markets--and venturing out yourself--is emotionally enriching, for in these objects is beauty available to hand and eye: they become mementoes, testimony to the glory of life through artistic creation. By hunting, finding and cherishing objects we immerse ourselves in the aesthetic continuum of our own lives. HYLAND HYLAND HYLAND Christopher Hyland

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