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EDITORIAL P raise Science! Without this inspired—some might say Divine—gift, where would we be? History is littered with pundits who questioned your virtuous progress. Today, more than ever, you inform and improve every aspect of our world. But is the Deus ex machina, the sudden, precipitous alteration of a path today, a necessity, given the uncanny rise of a surreal parallel machine world, one which threatens in some instances the simplest of humane intentions? "No," said the young designer, "There cannot be a crown molding like that." "Yes, Robert Adam did it in the 18th century," was the reply. Clearly the young designer was probably not familiar with the AutoCAD feature that included this particular design. The back story is that he had not heard of Robert Adam, of the family of Scottish architects and designers. Nor, did he know much about Bauhaus. "My computer gives me the shapes and forms" was his mantra. True, design and architectural computer programs are liberating, revolutionizing the objects we use and spaces we occupy, providing spectacular aesthetic results. But, in every aspect of the human endeavor we must assert that the important role of machines is to support rather than supplant human ingenuity, that to ignore vast stretches of history in an obsession with the machine is HYLAND

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