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most people. But once I started photographing dogs here I got to know so many of them and now I love them. They are so smart and loyal. It is a tragedy what they endure because of the misguided men who breed them for fighting. That to me is truly heartbreaking." On the opposite spectrum are owners who come to her to memorialize their dogs in candid close ups. "They want to capture the joy these dogs bring to their lives," Davies says of her clients. How does she know she has the right shot? "It's hard to articulate, but I know it when it happens," she says. "It's a split second feeling. I want to look at the shot and see the dog looking right back at me. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and for me, there's your photo." H Writer Susan Toepfer is Entertainment/Features Editor of More magazine. Photographer Sally Davies' pet photography can be commissioned by contacting her at HYLAND

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