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EDITORIAL R obert Louis Stevenson, in his infamous book, Kidnapped, titled three of his chapters: "I go in quest of my inheritance", "I come into my kingdom" and "Goodbye". It is unlikely that a pair of fine suede shoes, crafted by Bally of Switzerland, conveyed a hiker to the base camp of Sir Edmund Hillary's acclaimed first ascent of Mount Everest other than the pair I wore on my journey over forty years ago. Missing luggage and the lack of my size hiking boots in the Kathmandu market necessitated the unconventional. I procured in Kathmandu my first and only pair of bell bottom dungarees and a handspun cream Nepalese jacket. A walking stick given to me by my guide completed the kit that I wore. The late, incomparable Boris of Yak and Yeti restaurant fame (by way of Imperial HYLAND

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