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Zenith Vela Totem Tanzanite Stork Navajo Nadir Cathedral Buddha ASPEN UP INSTANT BORD Black Moon ASPEN UP INSTANT BORDER SHOWROOM & OFFICE 20 W. 22nd St. Suite 1516 Instant Borders offers unique options for adding localized texture, pattern and color to walls via paint, fabric or tiles. Instant Borders are New and they are available made from non-toxic, removable and repositionable 8��� wide vinyl York, NY 10010 in 7 patterns in custom lengths and widths. What separates Instant Borders from other repositionable borders is that these border designs can be custom-scaled and p: custom-colored as well to suit individual needs. *colors may vary 212.308.9019 f: 212.308.9046 DESCRIPTION: S I Z E : 8��� H X 16���L

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