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complicated than that. I would say art���all the arts��� is the only means we have to express ecstasy in all its dimensions. There���s nothing that a person in daily life has, including multiple orgasms, that really approaches the many-layered ecstasy of a great work of art. Art was clearly Motherwell���s passion. He succinctly summed it up, when he said that day in Greenwich, ���The older I get, the more I become aware that all reality is in flux. I���m an old man mad about painting, and no matter what the world thinks, I will remain mad about painting, which is how I began and how I���ll end.��� H This article is an edited version from Deborah Forman���s book Perspectives on the Provincetown Art Colony (Schiffer Publishing LTD, 2011). Robert Motherwell Beside The Sea No.5 1962 HYLAND

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