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Edition 6: A Window: Broken, Repaired or Not

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1920-2012 Albert Livingston Hadley, Junior By Christopher Hyland Albert Hadley visited the Christopher Hyland showroom in New York's famous D & D building (Design and Decoration) on a regular basis for over a generation. He consistently shopped the market, never failing to be au courant. Even into his early nineties, just weeks before he died, I saw him to the elevator, talking about the wonderful interview that we would do for HYLAND. I had just shown him an issue of the magazine on my iPad. He was enthralled. As the doors closed, we said we would see each other soon. Instinctively, I wasn't so sure, especially when I heard, shortly thereafter, that he had returned home to Nashville, Tennessee, where he more recently died. I interviewed with Albert Hadley, then in his famous partnership with Sister Parish, Parish-Hadley, in the mid1970s. It was a courtesy call. He instinctively knew that my interest lay in the intersection of design, business, sales and marketing. He was absolutely charming, encouraging and thoughtful. Adam Lewis' book, Albert Hadley: the Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer, is a wonderful study of a designer whose sense of balance, reserve and facility to employ the tenets of modernism in tandem with the traditional is near unique. Reading it is a memorial service. HYLAND

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