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D EDITORIAL uring the design process we often hear ���I don���t do that��� coming from clients and designers when discussing an aesthetic proposal. Recently a decorator was faced with so many don���t-dos that the design scheme was doomed from the start. Well-intentioned clients often set stylistic perimeters that are so rigid that interiors remain forever unfinished or pale versions of expectations. When you add to the equation a tendency of the moment towards austere, ill considered minimalism, the outcome may be bleaker still. Designers, decorators and architects as well as their clients all too often adhere to stylistic boundaries rendered comfortable due to repetitive use or unfamiliarity. AGi architects appear for the third time in HYLAND. Each of their contemporary houses is excellent, each represents figuratively and literally twists and turns in the design narrative, ones rendered unattainable by blanket ���I don���t do��� attitudes. Team AGi clearly possesses a wealth of design precedent knowledge drawn from ancient times through to the present. One has no doubt that they could fill a commission in an entirely different style. The lexicon of modernism should have a big tent. Failing to realize this balance consigns us to aesthetic purgatory, one marked by repetitious and dull sophomoric tenets, important as foundation but meant to be built on with alacrity. Christopher Hyland

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